About me

About me

When she reached the first hills of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the skyline of her hometown.

Welcome to FotoPandit

Established in the year 2013, FotoPandit, New Delhi  is a professionally managed company engaged in providing a multitude of photography services that includes Portraits, Ambiance, Candid, Happenings, Rituals and more. Our entire team is working round the clock to accomplish our mission of becoming a one-stop-shop solution provider in India. With the help of our high-definition technology, we are able to provide eye-catching images and videos that have exceptional quality, color and clarity.

It is a privilege to share with our clients some of the most important moments in their lives. Our images become part of their family history. Passion underlies all that we do and is evident through our compelling images, cutting edge technology and most importantly, through the personalized relationship we hold with each one of our clients.

Under the visionary direction of our leader Mr. Gokul Papola, we have been capable of becoming one of the most perceptible names of the industry. His thoughtful knowledge and inspiring attitude has always assisted us in understanding and fulfilling the necessities of our customers in the best possible manner

Portrait Service95%

Ambience Service90%

Candid Service 95%

Happennings Service 95%

Rituals Service90%

E-Commerce Service98%

About Photographer

Gokul Papolaa is a young lad from Haldwani (Uttarakhand) who founded FotoPandit.

At the age of 18, I decided to move to Delhi where I got into fashion Photography and also earned a diploma in Animation,Graphic Arts & Web-Designing and a Degree in B.Com from Kumaon University. By the time I was 19, I begun work with a great fashion photographer Munish Khanna from Delhi for an year.

I got my first Wedding Project in 2015 & I got my first fashion show project in 2016 (INDIA RUNWAY WEEK). During this period I also experienced the Creative Wedding & Event Photography and immersed myself completely into them along with Fashion Photography.

I founded my company in 2013 and in a very short period, My organization became one of the most desirable photography services providers in the whole of northern India.

Ques : From where did you get the idea of fotopandit.com And who suggested you this name? As I am a graphic designer and a photographer t as well, a graphic designer is creative enough that he/she can get the idea. Nobody has suggested me this name. I have chosen this name on my own. Just break the word “fotopandit” into two as “foto+pandit’’. As the word itself implies, “foto’’ means photograph or picture as the field was photography that’s why I have chosen the first word as “foto’’ and the word “Pandit’’ I have chosen because I am a theist- a big follower of God, a religious person. That’s why the idea came into my mind to make it a unique word as “fotopandit’’. So that people should know me by this name rather than my own name.

I like working with people, telling Stories and creating character in my images. Having achieved so much in such less time, I still feel that my journey has just begun...

Meet The Team


Gokul Papola


Gokul Papola

Vidya Sagar


Vidya Sagar

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